About Us

About Us

 The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation


Join us on this adventurous and Fun-draising initiative, with proceeds supporting healthcare locally.


The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation in Collaboration with Arnprior Chrysler proudly present the Jeep Adventure Lottery!


The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation was founded in 2005 with a purpose to raise money in support our local hospital, nursing home and community programs to deliver excellent care, services, treatment, screening and diagnostics.


Our fundraising activities primarily support the purchase of life-saving Medical Equipment. However, we also have major fundraising initiatives like our current, Come Home to Great Care Campaign. 

The Come Home to Great Care Campaign was launched to include a $4 million capital campaign to fund the community’s portion of The Grove’s redevelopment, specifically, Phase 1 — the building of the new long-term care facility. An additional $1 million must be raised to ensure that Arnprior Regional Health can continue to purchase, over the next five years, the important and life-saving medical equipment the Hospital needs in order to ensure quality health care for our community. The combination of needs for both the Hospital ($1 million) and Nursing Home ($4 million) results in a $5 million capital campaign.


As of March 31st 2021, the Arnprior Regional Health Foundation has reached the 85% mark of our fundraising goal - but we know that we are not done. 


 As a result, a partnership with Arnprior Chrysler was made and the Jeep Adventure Lottery was created.


We invite you to purchase a ticket or tickets for the Jeep Adventure Lottery and ask you to join us on this amazing adventure!


To keep up with all the fun and excitement, we invite you to follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ArnpriorRegionalHealthFoundaton) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/arnfoundation).


You can find out all about us by visiting https://www.arnpriorregionalhealth.ca/foundation.  Or if you wish to learn more about the Come Home to Great Care Campaign visit http://www.greatcarearnprior.ca/